"Like It Or Not" [New Song Release!]

New Song "Like It Or Not" Is Out March 18th, 2022

I'm very happy to say that my latest song is releasing on March 18th, 2022!

This is a song about body image, body acceptance, and body celebration.

It's out…

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A Legit Bandzoogle Review From A Musician Who's Using It [2022]

This is a real Bandzoogle review. 

I'm an independent singer-songwriter, and I work in digital content with an indie media company. I've got experience using a couple of different website builders (Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, Bandzoogle), so I thought I'd…

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What I’m Up To Right Now [Dec 2021]

December is here, and I'm glad it is! 

I'm looking forward to relaxing and letting my mind wander a bit more. I've been driving hard with the marketing and song release stuff, and I can't wait to let it all…

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"Fight For You" [New Song Release]

If you are struggling with mental health right now, if you or someone you are caring for is burning out, confused, depressed, grieving, if you are feeling hopeless, frustrated, invisible, or numb—my song contains a message for you.

Don't give…

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What I’m Up To Right Now [Oct 2021]

October is here, and I'm in the midst of tons of song releases!

"Maybe" Release

I just released my third single "Maybe" on September 24th. It went well! It didn't have as much crowd appeal as my other…

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Behind The Scenes Of "Maybe" [New Original Song]

"Maybe" - Original Song

My original single "Maybe" is a song that I wrote and sang, with production by Ovi Bistranceanu. The song leans towards folk and is an expression revolving around our desire for definitive answers in life.


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