Slow Down

"Slow Down" is my first published songwriting collaboration! The concept came to me when I was stopped at a red light, feeling tired, and feeling content to just put the world on pause for a moment.

I pulled in a 3 collaborators to write and produce this track.


We wrote this song from our experience having those moments where you just want a moment to breathe, to not be busy, to not be committed to doing anything. 

It’s leaning away from the cultural push to be doing, achieving, hacking, hustling, and everything else we do to prove our worth… 

…when what we really want is to feel unconditionally worthy.

Producer: Ovi
Songwriter, Singer: Michelle Leighton, Sarah Tolle
Songwriter, Rapper: ABSOLUTE


Sarah Tolle Find Another Way Album Art

Behind The Scenes Recording And Filming The Song