Sarah Tolle singer-songwriter Vancouver

I am a singer-songwriter, actress, screenwriter, and content strategist. I work in a Content Director role at the indie media company Black and White Zebra, based in Vancouver, BC. 

I enjoy my work and my play, and it's usually hard for me to tell the difference between the two.

About My Music

I am an independent singer-songwriter based in Vancouver, BC. My mission with music is to revitalize and heal; to be a catalyzing force that encourages others to go after whatever lights them up. 

I had a fierce kickstart to my music career upon discovering my knack for songwriting as a 30-year-old in 2021, when I taught myself banjo and began self-releasing a series of singles which have since earned 750K+ streams. 

My artistic style is marked by a genre-bending, eclectic spirit. My songs are infused with a sense of openness and authenticity; my work is simple and accessible, yet fiercely catchy. You'll hear themes of encouragement, tolerance, and peace in compositions that blend house beats, sweeping orchestral sounds, and old time banjo folk.

Sarah Tolle singer-songwriter actor