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My Thoughts About Creativity

It’s weird how people see creativity. It’s often linked with originality or uniqueness. Like, “how unexpected is this compared to the rest of things in its category?” But creativity is not that, and I think intuitively we know this.


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How Much Do Casting Directors Make?

Many articles around the web cite an average casting director salary based on the US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Employment and Wage report. 

That isn’t exactly accurate. 

That’s because the US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Employment…

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What I’m Up To Right Now [July 2021]

I currently live in Vancouver, BC with my roommate Pete Z. I've been very happy lately. Feeling productive and pretty at ease about my projects. Things are really moving fast for me, and I'm just surrendering to whatever happens.

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Vancouver Actors Report 2020: Auditions, Work & Success

Over the past few months, I surveyed Vancouver actors with questions about their career, salary, auditions, challenges, and opinions about being an actor in Vancouver. 

The results is the Vancouver Actors Report 2020: a comprehensive, illustrated report that helps us…

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How To Market Yourself As An Actor

I’m going to talk about how to market yourself as an actor.

You’ll find tactics and some marketing strategies for actors in this article, but this post is not just meant to add to your actor to-do list.



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My Top Casting Director Interview Questions

Here’s a quick list of my top casting director interview questions.

In casting director interviews, it’s very common to pose these questions:

  • What qualities do you (or don’t you) look for in actors?
  • What are the common misconceptions actors have…
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