Hi! I’m Sarah!

I am a happy creative person.

I work as a content strategist with a great indie media team, and I’m an actor, screenwriter, and I just sort of “became” a singer and songwriter when I decided to work with a producer to make some of the songs I’ve written.

Here’s the single I just released if you want to shake your little booty:

So far, this first single has a 38% listener-to-save ratio, which floored me. People actually like it enough to listen to it again later!

I want people to feel better about themselves and simply have more fun. I look around and I see so many people who need encouragement, kindness, and permission to play around and express themselves honestly with the world. I want to be a catalyst for that expression.

Also I love cheese.

You can read about what I’m up to right now here.

Don’t feel like reading? Just stare at my face.

Get in touch with me at sarah@sarahtolle.com.


What I’m Up To Right Now [May 2021]

I currently live in Vancouver, BC with my roommate Pete Z. I rented a banjo from the Vancouver Public Library and my world is different now! I LOVE the banjo. I practice every day. I love it. Late May update: Actually, I liked my public library banjo so much, I just went out and bought…

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My Thoughts About Creativity

It’s weird how people see creativity. It’s often linked with originality or uniqueness. Like, “how unexpected is this compared to the rest of things in its category?” But creativity is not that, and I think intuitively we know this. What Creativity is also not the same as artsy-ness or design-y-ness.  We see something that requires…

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