My Thoughts About Creativity

It’s weird how people see creativity. It’s often linked with originality or uniqueness. Like, “how unexpected is this compared to the rest of things in its category?” But creativity is not that, and I think intuitively we know this.

Creativity is also not the same as artsy-ness or design-y-ness.  We see something that requires a special knack like calligraphy or an intricate drawing and the more colourful, elaborate, contrasting, or interesting it is, the more creative we believe its creator must be.

But for me, “creative” is not a quality that we can assign to a piece of art. Creative is like love in the sense that it is a verb. It is a process and a way of approaching your activities of life. It’s really close to happiness in that sense. It is an active state of being, not a thing achieved.

Not everything you make will feel like “art”. When you’re creative, you won’t always feel like you’re being “creative”.

What you want in your life, you create.

It’s okay for you to not know if you are successful when you create stuff. Make, create, and play. When you create, you are in a good way with the universe.

That’s all my thoughts for now. I’ll add to this as a learn more.

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