What I’m Up To Right Now [May 2021]

I currently live in Vancouver, BC with my roommate Pete Z. I rented a banjo from the Vancouver Public Library and my world is different now! I LOVE the banjo. I practice every day. I love it.

Late May update: Actually, I liked my public library banjo so much, I just went out and bought a cheap banjo. Her name is Julia! I’m now working on a set of banjo songs for my bluegrass album which I will title The Worst Bluegrass Album Ever as I don’t really play bluegrass yet.

I accidentally released my first single (messed up the dates). So, here it is!

My first single Young & In Love will take you the magical place of falling in love like a crazy person.

It’s performing really well on Spotify so far. It’s got a 38% listener-to-save rate. I feel like that’s super high! 38% of people who hear the song save it to their own library. Sweeeet.

I am finalizing assets to release my other songs (singles). My brother is a really skilled designer and he’s making my graphic assets.

Work is great; I’m learning a lot about building a team and setting up content production systems. We just hired a few Editors for our team in order to split our publications into pods for the first time. It’s been crazy and cool to grow a team!

I’m currently writing the music for a couple of the songs in my feature screenplay Making It Big along with my creative partner Desmond Langan. We are working on a song called “Next Thing You Know” that the main character sings on acoustic guitar.

I recently started getting very strict about what emails I receive. I left social media a while ago, and it was great. So now I’m cutting down on the inbox clutter by unsubscribing from just about everything—or automatically filtering into a folder than bypasses my inbox. This has been awesome for my little brain!

I haven’t really been pitching acting agents or working on acting stuff as much, since I’m pouring my heart and time into music.

I researched a lot of the productions in town a few weeks ago, and I realized I’m not super jazzed about any of them. They are cool, but I’m more excited to be in comedies or features, or interesting shorts. I’ll work on pitching to more indie projects.

Recently put this post on best books for actors up on the blog, but that’s about it for now in terms of being acting in the acting community.

A friend asked me to help teach bachata lessons, so I’ve been doing a little teaching, which is the best way to learn. That feels good.

And as always, I’m taking a lot of walks, singing and dancing around the house, and spending quality time with my friends and family.

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By Sarah Tolle

Actor, writer, storyteller.

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