What I’m Up To Right Now [April 2021]

I currently live in Vancouver, BC with my roommate Pete Z. We’re playing around with co-writing a book.

Been going crazy for the pain au chocolat at the cafe Matchstick next door. They are INSANE.

Just put this post on best books for actors up on the blog.

I finished my second read of The Artist’s Way, which I highly recommend to any human being (that’s an affiliate link on Amazon; if you decide to buy it I’ll get a little commission which I can use to offset my $300/year website costs).

Just finished getting my third song produced by a fantastic local producer, Ovi.

I am finalizing assets to release my first two songs (singles). My brother is a really skilled designer and he’s making my graphic assets.

Work is great; I’m learning a lot about building a team and setting up content production systems. We had a great Q1 so I’m feeling really good about 2021.

I’m currently writing the music for a couple of the songs in my feature screenplay Making It Big along with my creative partner Desmond Langan. Looking at lots of grants for funding.

No jam nights with friends for now; we’re on tighter lockdown than normal.

I’m collaborating on a feature screenplay with Mike Feeney and a short series with Angela Gooliaf and Diana Beairsto.

I’m setting up a website and community hub for salsa dancers. Planning to launch an MVP of the site in May.

I’m pitching acting agents in order to get a new agent. I’ll turn my research into an article about the best agencies in Vancouver so other actors can use it.

And as always, I’m taking a lot of walks, singing and dancing around the house, and spending quality time with my friends and family.

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By Sarah Tolle

Actor, writer, storyteller.

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